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Higher Education Financial Aid


To provide for a fair and equitable distribution of UNTF scholarship funds to as many eligible Utah Navajo college students as the annual financial resources can sustain.


It is the fundamental principle of UNTF to assist eligible Utah Navajo college students with financial aid regardless of where they attend an institution of higher learning. It is the intent of this program to match other college financial aid/scholarships or funding sources. The following policies and procedures are applicable to both the UNTF Higher Education Financial Aid Fund and the UNTF Endowment Fund, unless otherwise specified.

UNTF Higher Education Rules Link:



The UNTF provides financial aid for post secondary college-level education for eligible Utah Navajo applicants.  The main factor in meeting the eligibility criteria is to meet the Residency definition of a Utah Navajo and enrollment with the Navajo Nation as a tribal member.  The students can attend the university, college, or technical/trade school of their choice, including on-line courses, but their parents have to be a full time resident living in San Juan County, Utah. Older students with a family must have lived in San Juan County, Utah for the past five years or have left San Juan County not more than one year ago after having met the Residency criterion.

UNTF Residency Policy Link:

Most of the Utah Navajo students attend universities in the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado.  The universities located in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico offer in-state tuition to Utah Navajo students thanks to arrangements made by the Navajo Nation.


UNTF has two main types of College Financial Aid funding: UNTF Endowment Fund, and the regular UNTF Higher Education Financial Aid Program.  A third program is available through the high schools: Concurrent Enrollment.


The UNTF Endowment Fund is only available to students that attend Utah State University-Eastern-Blanding Campus and meet UNTF’s other eligibility criteria.  In 1994, UNTF participated with several partner organizations to contribute  money to initiate the Endowment Fund.  Each year, the fund is invested in a growth fund account from which UNTF receives their share of the investments.  UNTF will apply the Endowment Fund monies first before using regular UNTF scholarship monies.  Students applying to attend USU-Eastern do not have to keep track of whether UNTF is using Endowment funding or regular UNTF scholarship funding.


Regular UNTF college  financial aid funding is available to eligible Utah Navajo students for studies at an institution of their choice.


This program allows high school students to take college classes while attending high school.  This program is funded through the high schools; however, UNTF can also fund high school students under the concurrent enrollment program in cases where the high school may need supplemental funding.  UNTF encourages students to take Concurrent Enrollment classes to get acclimated to college level coursework.


Please be advised that the student should be clear on what major or profession they will choose before they go to college so that time and resources will not be wasted and so that advisors know how to chart a path for the students.  Student should do a lot of research during high school on the different professions and majors that are available.  The grants that are available from FAFSA (PELL), the Navajo Nation, and UNTF can only fund a set number of semesters, so a student should have a good plan so that the available funding is not used up unnecessarily.

UNTF has a Rule that UNTF can only fund a trade/technical school certificate or a college degree program but not both.  A trade/technical school certificate should result in a profession and a job that students should be able to sustain themselves.  A student needs to choose wisely.  UNTF can fund an Associates Degree or an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree if they are in the same field of study.  UNTF can also fund a Ph.D or J.D. (Law Degree) if the student meets all the requirements.


The contact information for this scholarship program is as follows:
UNTF Higher Education Office
151 East 500 North
Blanding, Utah 84511

(800) 378-2050 (front desk)
(435) 678-1460 (front desk)
(435) 678-1462 (Education Specialist) E-mail:
(435) 678-1460 (Rosie, Education Administrative Assistant)
(435) 678-1464 (Fax)


Higher Ed Applic UNTF Rev-3-13-2018


This forms enables UNTF to access information from the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Aid (ONNSFA) regarding the student’s application status/funding from ONNSFA.  This form has to be filled out and submitted with the Application Form.

Consent Form


Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance

Utah Step-Up to Education (college financial aid for Utah colleges and universities, Saving Accounts for College).  Regents Grant is college financial aid for the first semester of certain universities in Utah and possible supplemental grants thereafter.

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Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

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