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Higher Education Financial Aid

NOTE: UNTF processed Emergency Rule on R661-003 Residency and R661-006 College Financial Aid & Scholarships  on 9/23/16 that enables students to receive their UNTF financial aid for Fall Semester 2016.


The UNTF provides financial assistance for college-level education for eligible Utah Navajo applicants.

The Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF) assists eligible Utah Navajo students with post secondary financial assistance/scholarships. The main factors in meeting the eligibility criteria are to meet the Residency definition of a Utah Navajo and enrollment with the Navajo Nation as a tribal member. Students can attend a university of their choice but their parents have to be a full time resident living in San Juan County, Utah. Older students with a family, must have lived in San Juan County, Utah for the past five years or have left San Juan County not more than one year ago. The students can attend any university, college, or technical/trade school of their choosing, including on-line courses. Most of the Utah Navajo students attend universities in the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ft Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, mostly because Utah Navajo students are eligible for in-state tuition because the Navajo Nation is in these states. UNTF can also fund high school students under the concurrent enrollment program, where they can continue to attend high school and some college classes at the same time.


To provide for a fair and equitable distribution of UNTF scholarship funds to as many eligible Utah Navajo college students as the annual financial resources can sustain.


It is the fundamental principle of UNTF to assist beneficiary Utah Navajo college students with scholarships regardless of where they attend an institution of higher learning. It is the intent of this program to match and/or attract other college scholarships or funding sources. The following policies and procedures are applicable to both the UNTF Higher Education Scholarship Fund and the UNTF Endowment Fund, unless otherwise specified.


The contact information for this scholarship program is as follows:
UNTF Higher Education Office
151 East 500 North
Blanding, Utah 84511

(800) 378-2050 (front desk)
(435) 678-1460 (front desk)
(435) 678-1462 (Education Specialist) E-mail:
(435) 678-1469 (Education Administrative Assistant)
(435) 678-1464 (Fax)


UNTF has two types of College Scholarship/Financial Assistance: one is the UNTF Endowment Fund and the other is the regular UNTF higher education program.


UNTF participated with other matching funders and contributed UNTF money into the College of Eastern Utah (now Utah State University-Eastern) Blanding Campus in 1994.  This money is invested in an account that USU-Eastern maintains and each year UNTF receives a portion of the investments.  This money can only be used for eligible Utah Navajo students that are attending USU-Eastern.  UNTF will use this money first before using regular UNTF scholarship monies.  Students applying to attend USU-Eastern do not have to keep track of whether UNTF is using Endowment funding or regular UNTF scholarship funding.


Regular UNTF college  financial aid & scholarship funding is available to eligible Utah Navajo students for studies at an institution of their choice.


Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance

Utah Step-Up to Education (college financial aid for Utah colleges and universities, Saving Accounts for College)

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